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Dadour S.A.L. is a firmly established company located on the coastal periphery North of Beirut, Lebanon.  Renowned as a Family business since 1948, it specializes in manufacturing and trading of surfacing materials for the medium-high to high end market segment.


The company manages exquisite natural marble, semi-precious stones, quartzite and granite in all forms. It is also the exclusive distributor in Lebanon for RMC® engineered marble, Novus® porcelain big slabs and Technistone® engineered quartz


Furthermore Dadour S.A.L. extends its services with Rako System® under tile and surfacing solutions supplying adhesive, penetration, under tile water-proofing, corrective, levelling, jointing and cleaning products.


Its mission statement is to provide residential and commercial projects with the latest developments in the industry together with the technical support required to fit a full system solution with relation to materials, methods of application, processing and finally on site guidelines and installation.


All trades are manufactured in house and dispatched to the project or distributor directly allowing secured quality control on each item and the correct price with relation to the required standards.

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